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    Google Dance Illustration by Novomotus

    Google Dance: Google’s Way of Phishing for Spammers

    The term Google Dance is used to describe a phenomena by which keyword positions vary for a period of time before stabilizing. This “dance” often starts with a sharp decrease in rankings, followed by a steady increase, only to result in a stabilized and improved position much later. This process is a product of Google’s […]

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    How to Calculate The SEO Value of Keywords

    I often get asked how much a keyword is worth. It’s a tough question to field but one that should constantly considered when developing marketing strategy. Knowing the possible return on targeting keywords in SEO campaigns will improve ROI. The trouble is, there is no real way of calculating keyword value with complete accuracy. There […]

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    Using Localized Keywords for Better Position Tracking

    Using several localized keyword research techniques can help any business better track performance in search engine results pages (SERPs). This article describes a simple keyword localization template used to generate keywords to improve position tracking for any business. Highlights Tracking certain keyword variations is important for local SEO Location modifiers include things like “near me” […]

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    Novomotus Local SEO

    Local SEO: Learning How to Get Started

    Right now, customers around the world are using Google to find the best products and services near them—and they want answers fast. Local SEO ensures your business appears alongside other relevant search results and can result in serious revenue increases. Who doesn’t want that, right? Unlike national SEO, local SEO requires a targeted approach to […]

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    SEO Tools Novomotus

    List of Professional Grade SEO Tools

    Software is something businesses everywhere use to help increase the efficiency of their output. When it comes to data management and organization, there are tools like SQL and Microsoft Excel. When it comes to managing a website, there are tools like WordPress and Shopify. When it comes to SEO  solutions however, sometimes the available software […]

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    Moz Page Authority SEO Novomotus

    Page Authority’s Role in Predicting SEO Results

    Page Authority is a metric used to estimate the probability of a specific web page ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). This metric is not used by Google and does not always provide an accurate estimate of ranking ability. Understanding its shortcomings can help better understand when and where to use it—and when and […]

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    Web 2.0 Websites Offer Powerful Supportive Backlinks

    Web 2.0 links are powerful ways to help control the conversation of content that’s directed to a website. These types of backlinks are from highly authoritative domains and, when done correctly, can carry some serious ranking power. The best web 2.0 sites aren’t always dictated by their overall domain authority—or even allowing dofollow links! Google’s […]

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    Hacking Guest Posts & PBN Links for Better SEO Value

    Links from Private Blog Networks (PBN) are a popular way to boost a website’s SEO for a discounted amount of investment. When done carefully, they’re virtually undetectable and carry serious ranking power. When purchased from marketplace sellers, however, cheap PBN links can pose a real threat to your website. Also, much like Guest Post links, […]

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    Link Schemes & Webmaster Guidelines

    Link Schemes & Dangers of Buying Advertorial Links

    Google maintains it’s official set of webmaster guidelines to help direct SEO agencies and website owners how to best market themselves, among many other things. Among these guidelines are described several specific types of backlinks that could potentially get your website penalized. All of these are worth careful consideration, but one that often goes overlooked […]

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    Digital Marketing & SEO Illustration Novomotus SEO

    Preventing Unwanted Pages Being Indexed by Google

    Sometimes you’ll find that pages on your website get indexed by Google that you don’t necessarily want to get indexed. This is usually seen in CMS-based websites like WordPress which automatically generate a lot of subpages and directories automatically. These pages won’t likely get your site penalized, but sometimes they can rank above other content for […]

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