Internet History: Cox Media & The Power of Rebranding

As businesses evolve, so do consumer interests and media channels. Ones’ ability to access resources and is usually much more pronounced than when in the start up stage, and experience within the field can help identify needed changes. When assessing your market and business to determine your continued relevance, you may find yourself considering the effect that a re-branding campaign might have. This can be a powerful means of keeping your business relevant and more attractive to your audience. When making these types of changes it’s important to employ quality SEO services To better illustrate a point we’ll take a look at the Cox Media group’s rebrand to better understand the benefits of such a move.

Who is Cox Media

Cox media is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the conglomerate known as Cox Enterprises whose yearly revenue is estimated to be in the neighborhood of 20 billion dollars. Needless to say, any rebranding effort put into place by this giant is going to likely pull out all the stops. Cox Media used to be referred to as Cox Digital Solutions until they were more seamlessly integrated into the Cox Enterprise family. Today, Cox Media owns 14 TV Stations, 60 Radio Stations, 7 Daily Newspapers, 13 Digital Brands, and a local cable channel or two. They are operating on a level that most businesses never see, and are spread across more than 15 US States. The majority of their media channels are fairly localized publications and radio show, but overall account for a pretty tremendous audience. In addition to these types of publications, Cox Media own a handful of other smaller more specialized media agencies such as Gamut Media.

A Fresh Simplified Look

While there are a lot of under-the-hood considerations to make during a major rebrand, the end goal is to have a largely refined and differentiated visual appearance. This might be an elegant modernization, an elaboration on early directions, or the evolving of services provided to make full use of now available resources. Ultimately, rebranding is about transforming a business to serve it’s target audience more efficiently and effectively. The old Cox Media website, coxmediasolutions, was a bit of a mouthful—maybe confusing—and ultimately designed in step with a typical mid 2000’s website with a decent budget. Their website was clean, simple, serviced their customers, but had began growing outdated by early 2010’s.

Old Website

There’s really nothing wrong with the former Cox Media website, though it seemed to be getting a bit outdated for modern agencies. One notable issue with this website was it’s consideration for mobile devices. While still technically more mobile-friendly than most websites of it’s time—it was far from being mobile first. Below you can see a picture of what this website used to look like.

Cox Digital Solutions Website

New Website

Part of the Cox Media rebrand of the Cox Digital Solutions website entailed moving domains from the to a more descriptive This is arguably still a bit long on a users typing fingers, but likely best conformed to their overall organizational goals. For example; is a separate website owned and maintained by them, as well as the parent domain When business as large as Cox Media and Cox Enterprises consider new domain names, there is a lot more variables to take into consideration. At the end of the day, they have to make decisions based on the services they provide and the organizational structure they see best fit to their customers. SEO strategy is a powerful ally of any modern business, but ultimately only an one facet of a multi-faceted discipline. So sidestepping the somewhat over-typed new domain name, the Cox Media’s rebrand of their website poses a modernized, mobile-first, very romanticized brand experience that modern customers respond to. See below to note the huge difference.

Cox Media Rebrand New Website Novomotus SEO

Understand Your Goals

Rebranding can be a powerful way to help rekindle new excitement towards your business and website. The most successful businesses in the world are those that have evolved with the times. Consumers are now fascinated by all things digital, and nearly always within reach of their smart devices such as tablets and phones. Websites catered to native formats that tell compelling stories to engage with consumers are some of the most valuable assets any business can have. Cox Media’s rebranding effort for their website shows a clear progression along trending consumer habits and preferences. Their willingness to invest in the future of digital formats has allowed them to better prepare themselves to continue being a major player within the US media industry for many years to come. As evident by their consistently-increasing year-over-year revenue, Cox Media clearly knows what they’re doing. While such a top-down rebrand isn’t feasible (or even appropriate) for every business’ website, it can offer a powerful means to better reach your most valuable customers.