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Google Dance Illustration by Novomotus

Google Dance: Google’s Way of Phishing for Spammers

The term Google Dance is used to describe a phenomena by which keyword positions vary for a period of time before stabilizing. This “dance” often starts with a sharp decrease in rankings, followed by a steady increase, only to result in a stabilized and improved position much later. This process is a product of Google’s […]

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Moz Page Authority SEO Novomotus

Page Authority’s Role in Predicting SEO Results

Page Authority is a metric used to estimate the probability of a specific web page ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). This metric is not used by Google and does not always provide an accurate estimate of ranking ability. Understanding its shortcomings can help better understand when and where to use it—and when and […]

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Link Schemes & Webmaster Guidelines

Link Schemes & Dangers of Buying Advertorial Links

Google maintains it’s official set of webmaster guidelines to help direct SEO agencies and website owners how to best market themselves, among many other things. Among these guidelines are described several specific types of backlinks that could potentially get your website penalized. All of these are worth careful consideration, but one that often goes overlooked […]

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Opinions & Backlinks

Backlinks Are Like Digital Opinions

Backlinks are the backbone of off-site SEO strategy. Search engines such as Google use them to determine a website’s relative popularity. In many ways, backlinks can be thought of as digital opinions—and, much like the real world, more popular websites offer stronger opinions in the eyes of search engines. Introduction Many backlinks aren’t worth the […]

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